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Our mission is to digitze the traditional fair industry and help them reach their full potential with e-commerce.

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How it all began

Aarium was founded in June 2016, based on our vision to digitize the exhibition industry. Back then exhibitions had only been dreaming about offering a digital experience supporting the events.

It was not until a hackathon #Messuhack hosted by the Finnish Fair Corporation, the biggest and most innovative fair organization in Finland that our vision met with the dreams of the leaders in the industry. Ever since then we have been working fully on creating the perfect software platform for that dream.

Our Team


Joona Forss

Joona is the leader, the chief, the shepherd. Joona can help you with anything especially if its about finances, investments or partnerships. He is the man with the strong vision but shortest hair!


Sami Saloheimo
Sales Director

Sami is in charge of the sales and account management. If you have inquiries, ideas, questions, proposals or vain dreams contact him. He helps you to help your customers and is always at your disposal.


Markus Kumpulainen

Markus will make your wildest technical dreams come true. He is in charge of product development and with his mad skillz Aarium has become what it is - the greatest and user friendliest marketplace on the market.

Lassi Piironen
IT Specialist

In all the great stories there is always a wizard behind the heroes. Lassi is exactly that - the wizard of Aarium. Every part of Aarium's intricate backend is woven with his swift and precise hands.

Band of brothers

We are a team of old high school sweethearts who later came together with shared need to create something meaningful and to make a difference in this world. We all chose entrepreneurship because it provides the ultimate stage for showing our skills and creation.

Prior to Aarium we have been creating web-solutions for different needs ranging from group-buying electronics webstores to arts & design marketplaces. E-commerce has been our passion since the beginning and it is what defines us.

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