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Turn your fair into a Virtual Marketplace

Let exhibitors sell their products through your website while you make a commission on every item sold. You have the control, exhibitors produce the content and visitors love it.

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Why Aarium?

Aarium can turn any public fair into a multi-vendor web-shop and lets consumers
purchase goods online directly from your exhibitors.

Your exhibitors get more sales and visibility - you get a commission on every sale!

Get rid of the physical limitations. Reach a global audience - and reach them for a longer time.

Deliver the online presence to exceed the expectations of your customers - before, during and after the event.

Easy & quick to setup, fully customisable to fit your brand and integrate to your website and operations.

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How does it work?

1. We setup the marketplace to match your preferences

The Look & Feel will be matched with your brand.
The platform integrates to your website and operations. We host the service and take care of all the technical stuff.

2. Exhibitors create the content to showcase their companies and products

Content creation takes just few minutes of exhibitors time. Our top-of-the-line editor makes this process quick and easy even for a PC novice.

3. The marketplace opens for public, who can discover exhibitors online

Anyone can purchase the goods directly from the exhibitors, anytime and anywhere. Payments are secured and divided automatically between the organiser and the exhibitor.

4. Exhibitors deliver the products, You get a commission

Consumer chooses the preferred method and exhibitor will deliver the product to consumer requiring zero work from organiser. All you need to do is to collect your commissions of the sales.

5. Sales and data are stored and analysed

Sales and user data is collected and analysed for future use and improvement. Information can be used to improve the conversion and sales for the coming fairs.

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